Having some trouble with Docker setup


So I’ve been trying to learn Docker as a efficient way to run multiple game servers (not just MC!) on one machine. As such I only kinda understand what’s going on, but was more or less able to follow the tutorial on the wiki.

However I am having this problem:
Despite defining a username and password in the setup process (as in the wiki entry) - for example UN=mc, PW=minecraft - the credentials do not seem to “save”. What I mean is they don’t work to log into the UI, however the randomly generated password that appears in the log does work - once.

When the container is restarted it generates the same password in the log, but it doesn’t work.

I’m not really sure what’s going on or how to fix it.
I did some mild searching and couldn’t find a whole lot on this particular issue. I may have found a workaround via another user posting (what seems like) preconfigured docker images ready-to-use (GitHub - tucks/mineos-docker: Dockerfiles for MineOS Images), but I want to know where the issue lies for my the learning experience.

I will provide as much information as possible if anything is missing.
Again - I’m just learning how to use Docker so it may just be inexperience on my end :slight_smile: