Having Problems On Importing Worlds on Unraid Docker Container

Hello! I am new to MineOS, and I’m thinking I just need to change some settings in what I’m doing, but I am unable to get imported worlds to work. The world I uploaded was a superflat world, but it is obvious that it is not the right one. Here are the steps I took to upload the word, and if there are any problems please let me know. If there aren’t problems, then what is going on?

  1. Go into the .minecraft/saves directory and find my world folder.
  2. Zip the folder.
  3. SCP the zip file into the /import directory.
  4. Go on the web UI, click the import server tab, and select the imported file.
    If someone could tell me how to fix my problem, that would be much appreciated.

I extracted the world archive on the server then recompressed it and downloaded it. It seems to work on my computer, just not on the server. Do I have to change some settings?

Those steps is correct, but there’s additional procedures that need to happen first. My method isn’t elegant, but it works.

  1. I first get the .jar file on the computer (I create a folder for everything to be dumped into). You should be able to use the one obtained in MineOS in the /profiles directory.

  2. I open a command prompt or terminal and enter the command:
    java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar serverfile.jar nogui
    2a) accept the eula
    2b) enter the same command, and when the server is ready enter stop

  3. Remove or delete the resulting “world” folder contents and replace the world to be imported into that folder.
    — you can rename the world folder, but it will need to match the same name in the server.properties file.

  4. Archive the entire “dump folder” and transfer that to the import directory on your MineOS server.

Thanks! I finally got the time to try it and it worked. I think my problem is I extracted before I executed the server.jar, so it made the dump folder incorrectly.