Has anyone else experienced issues using forum as of late?

Over the past week I’ve had issues editing posts and making new new posts in the forum. Often it simply says an error has occurred and is sporadic. I’ve tried different browsers to no effect. I’m just curious if it’s me or a widespread issue?

All that being said I really do like Discourse as a forum platform.

Do your new posts include uploading photos directly to discourse?

I haven’t been having issues, but that was something I experienced some time ago.

The only problem I’ve had here was last month or two months back when the forums was closed/down for a day, and last year the only problem I had was uploading photos (I think I’ve figured out what that’s all about, it seems to be the resolution of the photo that causes it not to upload, last time I tried uploading I was trying to upload a screenshot, which didn’t upload until I cropped the screenshot which I don’t like doing).