Guides to setting up servers?

Hi All,

Just started to use MineOS the other day wth a buddy of mine. While looking around I haven’t seen any guides on how to deploy the server of your choice, (Vanilla, Bukkit, FTB).

Does anyone out there need something like this? As we get our server up and running we can document it and provide a guide if the community needs it.

Let me know.

It would probably be a good idea. There seems to be a lot of people asking and it isn’t that hard (in most cases).


Are you a developer? If so do you want to start a google doc that I can upload this to? It’s not completed yet, but its a good start.

Yes for the love of god make a step by step guide on how to do this! Pictures and optional video helps!

I have a pretty long document setup already (Using VirtualBox) on Windows 7. If someone wants to create a google doc I can upload it up there and then we can collaborate on it.

I wouldn’t really call myself a developer. I have done a few little things for the future release of MineOS using Node.JS. You can just create one if you desire. Otherwise just make a guide as a forum and maybe hexparrot will pin it or something.

Here’s the guide I’ve developed and used in deployement on my server.

Take a look. Step by step [MineOS Guide][1] (You’ll need a PDF viewer)

I’ll work on deploying another servers versions and see how they roll out in comparison to this.