Guide for setting permissions/groups in WebUI

Hi there,

I have a Turnkey MineOS install set up, I have an additional user set up and they are able to log into the WebUI, I would like to be able to assign servers to groups and limit those groups to being able to manage their own server only. Is there a guide on how to do this?
I cant figure out how to add additional groups to the WebUI nor limit users to only being able to see/manage servers in that group.

Ok I think I have it worked out now, setting folder permissions on the server folders and owner of said folders seems to be working now

You also can change the ‘owner’ dropdown in the webui, which will effectively change permissions on the folders without having to do it manually.

The drop down box only have the “MC” option

Ah, you’re right. I think I remember the dropdown should only list the groups that the current logged-in user is subscribed to.

It would be nice if the WebUI gave better permissions and user management options. It would make it a bit easier for people less inclined to jump into the command line and create users and groups, and then apply group permissions etc.

Hi there,
Any chance for instructions how to add user to WebUI, please, and how change password (as user using my pass).

Users aren’t added to the webui; users are added to the underlying linux system using normal linux commands.

All users who exist in the linux system are possible logins for the webui.

Also not done with the webui. Changing the password is done with passwd from the command terminal.