[GUIDE] Creating a SkyFactory 2.5.2 Server on MineOS Turnkey

Creating a SkyFactory 2.5.2 Server on MineOS


Hello everyone, the goal of this guide is to get a SkyFactory Version 2.5.2 server up and running using the MineOS Turnkey and the FTB Launcher PC client. Do not panic, the guide is long, but a five year old can follow it.
Note: The guide will NOT work if you are using the MineOS FreeNAS plugin. I have my MineOS server running on a VirtualBox on a FreeNAS jail.

I make the following assumptions throughout the guide:
• You have a working MineOS WebUI that you can access and create servers, edit server properties, etc. Installation information can be found --> HERE <–
• You are using the Cracked FTBLauncher.
• You can access the “/var/games/minecraft” folder on your server using the SFTP protocol. If you are using a FreeNAS VirtualBox jail like I am, here are the steps to enable SFTP.

  1. Get into the jail shell. You need to do this using Firefox or any other explorer, it CANNOT be Google Chrome, because we need to press specific macro keys that would otherwise close the Google Chrome.
  2. Type “passwd”, hit enter, and type a password of your choice for the root user (write it down).
  3. Type “pkg upgrade”, hit enter, and type “y” to anything that comes up.
  4. Type “pkg install nano”, hit enter, and type “y” to anything that comes up.
  5. Type “nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config”, hit enter.
  6. Press “Ctrl+W”, type “PermitRootLogin” and using the Left and Right keys in the keyboard to navigate, delete the “#” at the beginning of that line, and set it from “no->yes”.
  7. Press “Ctrl+W”, type “PasswordAuthentication” and using the Left and Right keys in the keyboard to navigate, delete the “#” at the beginning of that line, and set it from “no->yes”.
  8. Press “Ctrl+X”, type “y” and hit Enter to save all the changes made.
  9. Type “clear”. And press Enter.
  10. Type “sysrc sshd_enable=yes”, and press enter.
  11. Type “service sshd onestart”, and press enter.
  12. Type “exit”, and press enter to leave the shell.
    After all that, you should be able to use a software like WinSCP to get into the server files. Using the IP of the Jail, using “root” as the Username, and the Password you chose in Step 2.
    Step-by-Step Guide (Server Settings)
  13. Delete any SkyFactory 2.5.2 profiles that you may have in the Profiles folder.
  14. Download the following 2 files. Password for both is “4u”.
    a. File #1 Link: File #1
    b. File #2 Link: File #2
    c. After you have downloaded both files, rename File #1 to “1465959675.part1.rar”, and File #2 to “1465959675.part2.rar”.
    d. After you have renamed them, extract them and the final file should be called “server-FTBSkyFactory252_2016-06-14_19_32_30.tgz” and the file should be 1.04 GB.
  15. Place the above “.tgz” file into the “Import” folder in the Minecraft server using SFTP (/var/games/minecraft/import).
  16. Right click the .tgz file in the import folder and select properties, where it says “Group:” paste the following “root [0]” and make sure in “Permissions” Owner and Group have all 3 boxes ticked.
  17. Delete any server that may have made regarding SkyFactory 2.5.2
  18. Restart MineOS and/or log out of MineOS WebGUI and log back in.
  19. Go to the MineOS WebGUI and in the left panel select “Import a Server”.
  20. Click the blue button called “Create server from Archive” and name it “SkyFactory2.5.2”.
  21. SFTP into the “/var/games/minecraft/servers” directory again and you should now see the SkyFactory 2.5.2 folder in there, if you do not see it, simply right click and refresh. Right click the folder and select Properties. Where it says “Group:” paste the following “root [0]” and make sure in “Permissions” Owner and Group have all 3 boxes ticked. Refresh again.
  22. Go back to the MineOS WebGUI and select the server at the top where it says “Currently Selected Server”.
  23. On the left panel, go to “Server Status” and be VERY CAREFUL with what you touch here, one wrong click and the server gets FRIED.
  24. In here just click the “Change Runnable Jar” and set it to “FTBServer-1.7.10-1614.jar”
  25. Set the “Memory Allocation (Heapsize)” like this:
    [-Xmx] 4096
    [-Xms] 1024
  26. Tick on “Broadcast to Lan” under the “Start” button.
  27. Click the “Accept EULA” button and “Accept it”.
  28. Hit “START”, wait 5 minutes, and hit “STOP”.
  29. If you are using a “Cracked FTBLauncher”, in the MineOS WebGUI, go to “Server Properties” on the left panel, and change “Online-Mode” to “false”.

Step-by-Step Guide (Client Settings)

  1. Delete any SkyFactory servers you may have downloaded using the FTBLauncher.
  2. Open the FTBLauncher and go to the FTB Modpacks and select “FTB Presents Skyfactory 2.5”.
  3. On the top right besides “Pack Codes” select “2.5.2” and click “Launch” in the bottom right.
  4. Let it do its thing, and after you are at the Main Menu, close Minecraft.
  5. Go into the FTB SkyFactory server folder that is in “FTB_Pack_Install\FTBPresentsSkyfactory25\minecraft” and delete the “Mods” folder.
  6. Unpack the “server-FTBSkyFactory252_2016-06-14_19_32_30.tgz” you downloaded earlier and copy the “Mods” folder.
  7. Now, go to “FTB_Pack_Install\FTBPresentsSkyfactory25\minecraft” and paste the folder.
  8. After doing all this, the mods folder in the Client side, and the Server side, should be the same.

Last Steps

  1. Go to the MineOS WebGUI and “Start” the newly created “SkyFactory2.5.2” Server.
  2. Open the FTBLauncher once again and Launch the SkyFactory 2.5.2 pack.
  3. After the Client has finished loading in, select Multiplayer and you should see the server there. If not, just add a Server and input the Jail IP.
  4. Get into the server and DO NOT MOVE you will die if you do not follow the following steps.
    a. Go to the MineOS WebGUI and in the left panel, at the bottom, select “Player Interactions”.
    b. You should see your Minecraft name there, below it there is a button that says “OP”, click it.
    c. Close the WebGUI.
    d. Go over to Minecraft, and type (using “T”) the following commands.
  5. “/island_create SkyFactory”, and press enter.
  6. “/island_join SkyFactory”, and press enter.
  7. DO NOT MOVE, wait for the tree to spawn.
  8. Type “/gamemode s” and press enter.


Now you have a working SkyFactory 2.5.2 Server.

I would like to give credit to @tNt and @hexparrot for making this guide possible. tNt spent many hours troubleshooting every step with me so that we could get it right. And hexparrot, well, he created this awesome Turnkey so that we could enjoy the world of Minecraft Server Making.


Oh, oh, oh, I know that one arms waving.

“Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

It was a lot of fun working together.



lol yeah, it was fun working with you too…!

I spawn above a tree, make myself ‘op’ then enter in terminal create island/ join island, like you typed it it says island created but no where near me.

no island in sight. last time i just logged in and there was an island. but now all i got is a tree, lol.



In SkyFactory, you spawn above a tree and that is how it is. You are supposed to use that and make you way up to the end-game. What is the issue you are experiencing? And, did you spawn on top of a tree BEFORE you made the island? Also, the island spawn nowhere near you, you have to “join” it.

LOL, no idea how to make the tree move.

What happened was when I first made the server and logged in to make sure it worked, I was on land. because I play creative and can fly, i looked around a bit, then made the archive.

So when I saw your Guide, I decided to try those commands on the terminal.

And spawned above a tree. Surprise for me. Had no idea but I could fly so looked around, used the map (J) and found the land from before but as I moved across it it vanished. Hit space bar twice and fell out of the game.

Respawned above a tree, entered your commands and expected to see an island or some land generate near by.

Nothing, only a tree.

So I tried that and couldn’t fly anymore and fell off the tree a few times but I never could harvest the leaves or the wood of the tree. And every time i fell off I would spawn on a new tree, except once I spawned above a tree I had tried to harvest and fell off again.

ROTFL! Hopeless.



Then I said ‘well try the 2.5.0 one’ logged in there on land, flew around a bit and found I think I was on an island in the sky, not sure,

I saw my previous Death markers in the map (M) for this one so then I logged out thinking ‘now I know where the island is, so go back and try 2.5.2’

log in to that and only a tree. tried flying around to find an island. nope.

beyond hope, LOL!


its not beyond hope, you are SUPPOSED to spawn in the island and work your way up, watch some youtube tutorials, skyfactory is a really nice modpack.