Great software!

Hey just wanted to post, I found MineOS TLK ISO while looking for a server to host minecraft for the family (mostly kids). I setup a TKL Core server and setup a one server stand alone. It worked but I wanted to host many servers. I saw MineOS and was this is the ticket!

I am super excited that you used Turnkey Linux as a base for your build. I was/am I app builder for TKL and wondered why we don’t see MineOS in the official library at Turnkey Linux? If you would like to have it as part I would be glad to help get it there!

Anyway look forward to chat with everyone and help where I can.

-Ken (aka DocCyblade)
DocCyblade on TKL Forums

Check out Turnkey Linux!

I was reluctant to get MineOS turnkey on the TKL website because of how niche it is. It doesn’t seem like many people would be looking for Minecraft hosting solutions from the TKL website.

More importantly, if their downloading MineOS doesn’t lead them to this forum or the wiki, it’d probably be pretty confusing, since the onboarding to MineOS isn’t as straightforward as other TKL apps, as support pretty much comes from one place, and just a few possible people.

That said, the TKLDEV system for MineOS already exists on Github:!