Giving specific server permissions to a group


My Minecraft server has multiple “projectleaders”, each of them has got one server on my VPS. I have created for each projectleader an account. My question is: how do I give a specific user in a specific group (for example group: “factions”) permissions for console, ftp, controlpanel for just 1 server instead of all the servers I own. I don’t want them to edit other servers, just the server which they are controlling.

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It’s pretty easy actually; you have usernames and groups.

Thanks, but how do I add those limited permissions?
I have got the groups: root & minecraft. Both can see every server.

MineOS relies on Tunrkey’s (linux) user management system:

I understand that, but don’t know which files contains the access for a specific server.


Each sub directory in that location contains exactly one server. Currently theny should all be owned by your minecraft user and group. If you change the group and user ownership of each of those, they will only be visible to the person owning, or being a member of the group owning, the directory will only be visible in the webui to its relevant users.

the root user will always se everything allways, but the root user should only be used for operating systems usage: As in upgrading the OS or upgrading MineOS. Mos other tasks that require elevated priviledges only needs “sudo” priviledges.

All of this information is available in the wiki, the forums, and by reading up on user management (as from the link I gave you).