GeyserMC Testing

Has anyone tried GeyserMC. It is a way for a bedrock client to connect to a java server. I have tried messing with this but honestly have no idea if I’m doing it correctly.

Join their Discord for support.

It actually works quite well

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Have you got it running on mineos

I’ve never actually used MineOS, but I signed up here to answer this. It should work if you can get plugins and if you can forward UDP port 19132.

MineOS itself is able to run any .jar file. It does not have a profile generated for all types of servers out there, so you¨ll have to download and transfer the correct server jar to your minecraftservers directory manually.

The short version is:

  1. Create new server in MineOS
  2. Transfer server jar to the new servers directory using an apropriate method.
  3. open MineOS again, and select the server jar you transfered in the server jar pulldown menu

In other words: Ignore the entire “profile” part of MineOS and new servers. .You 'll need to configre the server apropriately.

I use geyserMC in my server, i need this (if someone can help me) I need a anticheat (for geyser and java) anticrash (i use spigot) and i will tell you that i use floodgate method