Geyser autoupdater - waterfall not restarting

Running MineOS with a waterfall proxy and a few other paper servers.
The proxy is running Geyser, and I wanted to ensure geyser is kept up to date.
I’ve installed the autoupdater plugin.
In the directions it warns that on a bungee server after the script runs the server will simply stop and I may need to use an auto restart script.
However with MineOS being used to monitor my servers shouldn’t it be able to restart a server that is off? Where would I adjust such things?
If it cannot monitor the servers, and restart them when they are off or crash. There is an auto-restart script, but where in MineOS would I configure this script? Because mineOS is running the actual command line arguments based on the config my guess is the provided script isn’t going to work as is

You could use pgrep? you would have to set your server/s to go offline at the same time if you have more than one and you could set so that Geyser checks like once a day or something?

pgrep -u mc -l screen would display all screen sessions for the user mc so if you shutdown all your server/s periodically then you could write a bash script that runs automatically and checks for any screen sessions, if it returns exit code 1 then you tell the system to reboot.
You would only need to do this once a day or maybe even every few days or even once a week would be sufficient.

There is that setting on webui that starts the servers on server boot or its onreboot flag in one of the configs.
i am not really sure exactly how to execute this exactly without running through it myself but there is plenty of info about how to do this sort of thing.