Getting started

Hello everyone,
I am new to MineOS but have been racking my brain trying to figure a couple of things out. I have done lots of research and can’t find any answers. My questions are:

  1. How can I add a user to the MineOS control panel?
  2. How can I install and modify plugins?

My knowledge of this is pretty basic so please be as descriptive as possible.

Thanks so much for your time!

To use system commands:
You need to download putty:
and to learn how to use “shell”:

To transfer files to your server:
You also need to download a secure ftp client like filezilla:

If you are completely new to unix type systems you need to learn some basics about that as well:

Now for your questions:

  1. MineOS relies on the underlaying OS’s user management for users. You add users through the “adduser” command in the shell. If you installed the preconfigured ISO and installed that one MineOS comes with the users you need allready (the “mc” user). There is really no need for more users. There are several posts in this forum discussing user management.

  2. You need to use one of the minecraft server types that suport plugs (craftbukkit / spigot) or mods (FTB-type servers). They have their own plugin directories in their server direcotires. all plugs or mods go there. A plugin style server can not use mods, and a mod style server can not use plugins. There are several posts in this forum that describes the method for adding mods or plugins.

My advice:
Stick with a standard (vanilla) server for now, learn the linux basics (you need to be able to use the shell and modify files manually to use most plugs and mods).

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