General Question regarding MineOS-on-OSX

I recently purchased a 2009 Xserve, I’m looking to make it into a Minecraft server for the kids, it currently has MacOS X El Capitan on it, how would i go about installing MineOS on it ? Would i need to create a new partition? i’ve installed it on a PC Server without any problems, but how would i go about it in the mac?

OSX is one of the only platforms I haven’t tested MineOS on. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t work, but it’s neither documented or tested, so most people with macs tend to use virtualization like VirtualBox (which is a good idea in general), because it’s uncertain whether npm will build properly all the modules required OR whether or not you’d want all the pre-requisites installed directly on the system.

You can give it a shot using adapted commands from the wiki, but I don’t know what sort of mechanism OSX would use for retrieving things like rdiff-backup, gmake, supervisor, etc.

I think using Virtualbox or another virtualization program might be the way to go. Just to avoid any conflict with the two systems. Thanks for the response.