FTB server unable to start even after FTBInstall.sh


Long time user of MineOS though I have just recently come back after a long hiatus. I remember having this exact issue two years back and never actually found a solution so I figured it was about time to hop on the forum.

I have been trying to put up a FTB Revelations server but I find that even after using the FTBInstall.sh button the server will not start. (Classic FTB start issue, sometimes runs for a second then stops, etc.)

I have gone to the main terminal and manually run FTBInstall.sh and it ran without errors though I know that the webui button itself is working because the minecraft 1.12.jar shows up a short while after I press the button. As usual Vanilla servers are working fine, so on and so forth.

If anybody has some ideas or input I would love to hear back as I am completely stumped on this one.


First things first: when you go to the main terminal, are you doing it as your webui user (probably mc)?

Secondly, if you invoke the FTB revelations jar manually, does it start?

Does /var/log/mineos.log show any errors?

What’s the server jar selected in the webui to run?