FTB Server setup

So I just installed MineOS for the first time on a lubuntu server. Its running on a 4th gen HP Proliant, and turnkey would not detect ethernet properly so I switched to lubuntu and I am not sure if it may be causing my problems.

The problem I have been having is that I download the FTB profile for Infinity Evolves, but then the drop down menu for the runnable jar is just empty. When I tried downloading forge for this version, it put a jar in the menu. Am I missing a step? I don’t have physical access to the server right at this moment, and i forgot to forward the correct ports after setting up xrdp.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

Set up the same profile as the actual mc version after that try to run the simple server.jar and if it made it then change the jar… If this does not work then download winscp and reach you server and try to edit the server.config (?) which is created when the webui is deployed and try to figure out the jar selecting pattern. Edit it so it has the good text in it and you do not have to select anything from there on. (The problem could be that you did not set up the permissions properly)