FTB profiles

is there a fix to get the ftb profiles?? im on unraid.

You can get the FTB profiles by manually updating the file /usr/local/games/minecraft/profiles.js

Change the manifest urls for ftb and ftb_third_party from ftb.cursecdn.com to dist.creeper.host on lines 101, 125, 143, 164, 188 and 206

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thank you so much!!!

i cant seem to find the path you stated

i cant fine the profile.js file in on unraid using the mineos-node

Sorry, I copied the path from my FreeBSD version. If you are running in a docker container the path should be /usr/games/minecraft/profiles.js.

Do I have to create the games folder I’ve searched all over and can not find it

Have a look at the docs, it states where the scripts are stored.
You can also wait until changes to the script have been committed and update the webui afterwards using this manual.