FTB Infinity

Anyone know why mods reappear after removing certain ones on Ftb infinity?
Iam trying to remove certain ones but every time i do they reappear when I restart the server.

The mods iam trying to remove are client side ones that are still in the sever package but actually don’t load on the server side.

Once a server is started (or alternatively when a profile is ‘copied’), all the server’s files are moved from the profile directory to the server directory.

This is a mechanism to keep the server in sync with the profile (which could be edited, and reused for multiple servers, for example).

The copy is re-done for any missing files on each subsequent server start, so if you are deleting files/mods, you simply need to un-profile the server. From the server-at-a-glance page, simply edit the drop down for profiles to something else, such as “select a profile” (or something similarly named) and it will stop copying the files you’ve removed.

Ah thanks! makes sense