Ftb infinity Evolved NOT WORKING!

im trying to make an ftb srver aon the latest mineos jeessie node and its not working, and by not working i mean it turns on for 30 seconds and then off

Have you looked at the game logs?

Perhaps the problem is with the server pack itself or maybe it’s with something else, but we don’t have a lot to go on with the amount of detail you’ve provided.

That’s the problem there are no logs it flat out doesn’t launch

I intend to accept your challenge and provide a working FTBEvolved Server archive.

If you run FreeNAS, I suppose you will need to install a virtual machine plug-in as something about FreeNAS and MineOS are incompatible.

This may or may not apply to FreeBSD users as well.

Mighty Mouse is on his way! (Man in the Moon).

Give me some time.

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Ok Let me tell you the st up of the server, its a dell poweredge 2900 with duel xeons and 64 gigs of ram, and it has windows server 2012 r2 with MineOS runing on a hyper-v and so far its been running like a dream

Niiiice, very close to mine. Only 16gb ram here :frowning:

Bad news, I d/l the profile FTBInfinityEvolvedSkyblock1.1.0 in MineOS and it loaded and server running perfectly.

Bad because it makes it harder to troubleshoot your problem.

I can still u/l a working server archive tho.

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The 64 gigs is way overkill and kicks off way too much heat because of the ddr2 ecc, any ways im using th FTB Infinity evolved v2.5.0 (FTBInfinity-2.5.0 -this is what its called on the profile list)

and along with that with evrything exept vanilla works as of my testing (i have only tested ftb packs and vanilla) but i just cant get ftb to work

Your u/l is at 75%, so soon.

Doesn’t hyper-v allow for nominating how much ram is allocated to each server?

So instead of one MineOS serving 4 or 5 different flavors of FTB for example, you would have up to 16ea max MineOS each running a different flavor of FTB at 4gb ram allocated to each. In theory only, I would not want the headache of admin 16 FTB servers (and the heat, lol), but it would cut down the heat if only 3 servers were up and only using 12gb ram only.

I use VMWare (a version works with WinServer12 if I recall), with vSphere and @iMelsom uses VirtualBox with some success.

I allocate 5gb ram to each server and in MineOS allocate only 4gb ram leaving 1gb for Turnkey overhead.



Here you go: http://berryred.info/uploader/ssd/download/1466218817.tgz

D/l pw is 4u @412.6mb

Original filename is: server-FTBInfinitySkyblock110_2016-06-18_09_10_54.tgz

Rename it or not.

SFTP the file into the ‘import’ folder: /var/games/minecraft/import

In MineOS WebUI Server Status page, click ‘Import Server’ and give it a server name. Let it unwind.

Select your jarfile: FTBServer-1.7.10-1614.jar

Click Start button.

(Try not to deviate).

Wait for server to start.

Congratulations!. (I hope.)

Up! Up! And away!


It turned on and then wait ten seconds and goes right back off

Sorry to hear.

Same issue with FreeNAS.

Did you ever have a FTB server running in hyper-v yet?



no i have not but hyper-v is probably as bare metal as it gets because it is phyisical resorces allocation with dedicated threds


My archive comes with log files from when i started the server.

See if there are any additions from your startup.



and post your servers additions. (look at the timestamps.)

If there is nothing new there, then we are stuck with it being a hyper-v issue similar to the FreeNas issue and I don’t know what the FreeNas issue is.

Good Luck!


Is this true? “everything except vanilla works”?

Or mistyped?

If you can not get a vanilla minecraft server runnning, there are ‘other’ issues.

ok, keep trying. if a vanilla can get up and run, you can get a ftb to run.


FreeNAS has inherent problems because of the build toolchain being inherently old. FreeNAS 9.3 (and older) uses a number of different code compiling tools (think gcc) that are very old and cannot successfully compile many nodejs dependencies. In this linked thread, you’ll see Josh4Trunks, the author of the MineOS plugin for FreeNAS. He knows his stuff when it comes to FreeNAS; he wrote all the plugins you see in FreeNAS. The problem is specifically FreeNAS 9.3 cannot build many libraries that MineOS depends on.

MineOS is constantly updated, through both client-side changes (javascript run in the browser) and server-side changes (javascript run by node). When NodeJS came out with the final, non-beta version (4.0), many dependency authors updated their libraries to work with the finalized NodeJS 4.0+ API.

But these libraries don’t compile on FreeNAS 9.3. It’s not a MineOS conflict: these dependencies won’t compile and run on FreeNAS 9.3.

Because MineOS modernized to use the finalized NodeJS api (instead of pre-release v0.10.0 that FreeNAS 9 uses), MineOS can continue to improve, but the FreeNAS plugin is locked in to using ridiculously old, buggy commits. More specifically, I think the plugin clocks in at about commit c576847, which as you can see from the releases page, is over 108 commits obsolete (Nov 9, 2015).

So as you can see, the FreeNAS issue has been identified for months now, but cannot be solved at the plugin level. It’s likely the issue here with hyper-v is unrelated to the issue with FreeNAS.

you guys whouldnt happen to know where java is installed in mineos

type in which java from the command line and it will tell you the full path of the Java binary MineOS uses.

HI, I have followed t his thread and I can confirm that I have exactly the same issue; I don’t see a solution though. im running mineos of a vbox on w10p. Did you ever get FTB up and running>