FTB Based Servers

I am trying to setup FTBBeyond 1.2.1 on MineOS this is a completely new install of MinesOS and the first server adding, I am logged in Using the mc user I can download the pack, but when i go to start it, nothing happens, it asks for the EULA acceptance which i accept but that doesn’t even update the EULA in the /var/games/minecraft/profiles section.

Anyone have any thoughts?

I ran the ./var/games/minecraft/servers//ServerStart.sh manually from an ssh session, let it finish then killed it, then i went into the WebUI and click on start and now the server will start. This i think was normal behavior in the old WebUI as well. Where you had to run the install first then change profiles, anyone else see this as the case?

One of the necessary steps for FTBBeyond (and many other FTB packages) is the FTBInstall.sh script, which must be executed as the same user as your webui login.

Older versions of the webui require you to do this manually, via command prompt.

More recent versions (say, if you update right now) include a new button in the Server Status page called FTBInstall.sh, which will download the requisite vanilla server jar.

If you update your webui, (and be sure to restart the webui service), this button will appear for you, making obsolete the need to run any scripts from SSH manually.

Note, this button does not have any indicator that it is doing anything–it creates a separate background process which (in the case of FTB) simply downloads a ~10MB file. You can check the progress in an existing terminal session or just wait a minute before attempting to start the server.

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