FTB and Tekkit profiles missing

Was gonna start a new server on my mineOS installation today, but looks like FTB packs is missing from the profiles list. (See attached image)

Google suggests updating scripts and apt-get update, done without success.

{"level":"info","message":"Downloaded information for collection: Feed the Beast Server Packs (548 entries)","timestamp":"2019-05-23T18:51:32.027Z"}

It does look like it can find packs during start judging from the log, but it doesnt show up in the webgui

Some profiles where disabled in code, since the downloadURL changed and made the profiles system crash (not download any profiles). more here:



I am having this issue too. I ran the webui standalone with node and got the following errors:

error: Unable to retrieve profile: ftb. Please check your internet connectivity.
error: Unable to retrieve profile: ftb_third_party. Please check your internet connectivity.
info: Downloaded information for collection: Mojang Official Minecraft Jars (423 entries)

It seems like some of the profiles are being found correctly but the FTB repos have gone down. I dug through the code and found that the two links are http://ftb.cursecdn.com/FTB2/static/modpacks.xml and http://ftb.cursecdn.com/FTB2/static/thirdparty.xml which are both currently dead.

You can temporarily fix the issue until a better fix is available by commenting out lines 98 through 223 of /usr/games/minecraft/profiles.js. This will disable looking for profiles on the two dead links.

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