Friends Cant acces server although ports are forwarded (connection time out no further information)

So i installed a mineos server on my old pc and forwarded the ports 22 8443 and 25565 but my friends still cant join it, it says connectionTimeout no further information.
however i am able to join it on my local lan

If your router is configured correctly to forward the incoming requests to your server, then the problem maybe with the client (Minecraft game) not getting a response back.
Are they trying to access the server with the external IP address in this format: x.x.x.x:25565?

yes they try to join over the ip of the WebUi with 25565 on the end
i am able to join the server on this ip

Sorry, just to be clear, it’s not 192.168.x.x, right?

Uuh yes it is, is that a bad thing?
Thats also the ipv4 adress of my pc and i can join the game perfeclty with this.
so its

so you’ll need the router’s external IP address the your service provider assigns you. You can Google “what’s my IP” and that’s what your friends need to connect with.

it worked not thanks so much

Your welcome, glad to assist