Friend cannot join my mineos server

i port forwarded but my friend sitll cant joint the server.
I tryd the ipv4 and default gateway when i used the default gateway it said connection refused.
i dont know what to do anymore.

When you port forwarded you chose the IP for the server right? Not your IP on your normal computer

i’ll have to check i’m at school right now

i used the ip from the server and it doesn’t work

now the port is sometimes open and in a few minutes it’s closed again.

What kind of router do you have, from there I can probably help you port forward. Port forwarding is needed for other people to connect to the server.

my router is the ZTE H369A
i port forwarded it but the port sometimes opens but is mostly closed.
i dont know what to do when thet happens the firewall is on but my provider doesn’t allow it to be turned off.

sorry for the late reply it was my birthday last week so i was kinda busy.

did you choose tcp/udp?