Fresh Install Server won't Start!

My server does not connect to anything outside. It starts and fails to connect with many plugins, so it crashes.
Can you help me?

You have a reply in your previous post: I Can't Access my Console in Webui, please help!

Can you confirm you have a working internet connection on your server? Take note, just because you can connect to the server (either to play, or the webui) doesn’t mean your internet connection is working.

The symptoms of your other post indicate it could very well be a DNS or default gateway issue, which would also explain why your plugins aren’t operating as expected.

Did you change to a static IP address?

When your Turnkey boots up (and shows you the networking information), can you let us know what it shows there?

I am accessing this pc from another place, via WebUi. I have no access to the machine itself, because a friend of mine owns it in another city.
But since I have remote access (via Putty), shouldn’t its connections be ok?

Oh, you can’t connect to it from somewhere else?

Then the issue is your friend’s setup needs to be adjusted to let in remote connections for the WEBUI on port 8443. This is a firewall issue, more than likely on their router, rather than the server itself.

You can still make and receive connections without DNS actually, assuming that both sides have/know one another’s IP, and have some way of being able to communicate with one another, in this case via the internet. Remember, all DNS does is return an IP address for a given domain name if available. So assuming you have an internet connection without DNS, you can/will be able to access websites like Google for example using the IP if you know it, but not the URL/domain name. So it could very well still be a DNS issue, and this I learned back in my first early days of MineOS Python on Debian Wheezy, with the preconfigured ISO while messing around with IP settings remotely via Webmin.

Seems to me like everything firewall-wise is already correctly set up and configured. So the only other thing I can point fingers at is DNS.