Fresh install of Turnkey

since nothing was fixing webui I decided to make backups and start over. Well after installing a fresh install of MineOS turnkey. Now Webui will not allow me to connect and when I try to update scripts are missing and I get this error
root@core games/minecraft# git merge origin/master
error: Untracked working tree file ‘’ would be overwritten by merge.
fatal: read-tree failed

Which iso did you use, and did you try resetting the web ui?

I downloaded new one the other day turnley 64 bit

Well did you try resetting the web ui with the instructions on the update page?

yes unknown command, I found a disc I made in 2016 that I know works

must of been corrupt ISO

I doubt that you’d have a successfully installable and/or functional system with a corrupted iso.

Perhaps you downloaded the older python version rather than the current nodejs version?

looks like I did get wrong ISO, but I have no way to burn a disk at home, SO I will just deal with this older version, I updated java to java 8,is there any other updated I need to be concerned with?

Well, with that version, I am almost positive it was/has not patched for 1.13.x and we don’t really support it anymore other than occasional patches if someone brings it up, so any bugs or anything you may experience from using that version you may be stuck with (you’ll lack a lot of if not all of the newer optimizations and additions, and you must use the update script meant for the python version not the nodejs version otherwise you may cause things to no longer work or function correctly); typical end of life/support stuff.

I’m running a node version, just downloaded from 3-5-2016, I did update Webui via script. so your suggesting I start all over again, since I run 1.13.2 servers

Well, you/it can (or should) be able to manage 1.13.2 servers just fine with a manually downloaded and assigned 1.13.2 server jar, just don’t expect all of the things that you get from the current latest and greatest (such as the newer features/functions as well as bug fixes that would require a bit more work and testing to be added/implemented). You must also note that you are using the old python version if you are asking for help to avoid confusion in things web ui related; typically almost everyone if not everyone would say to use the current latest nodejs version over the previous python version if you can, as there’s not really much of a reason to be on it unless your CPU lacks the required instruction sets as is the case for one person sometime back I recall, either that or an older revision of the nodejs version.

EDIT: Well if you are on the nodejs version and have updated then things should be fine and the majority of the above can be disregarded; I am actually partially confused now however between the original posts and the last ones on whether you’re currently using the nodejs version or the older legacy python version.

after 2 installs of the first version I couldn’t get webui to work I went looking for my old cd to get this to work, since that was node version I was able to get things to work and get servers installed

You have another road you may follow: Follow this walkthrough for creating a bootable USB stick to install Ubuntu server from USB:

You can download the latest Ubuntu server here:

After installing the OS (I recommend adding and using the ‘mc’ user with the command adduser) use the following walkthrough for installing the MineOS WebUI on top of your ubuntu:

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