French translations and videos

Hi everyone!

Do you think making tutorial videos in French would be useful?
As I am French, I would provide help if possible to translate the web interface of MineOS, and why not the Wiki.

What do you think of this?


I would be thrilled to have a French translation of the web-ui, as I’d be interested in as many languages as possible so that admins can feel most comfy. As you can see on the git, there is currently en, nl, ru, and adding FR would be a welcome addition.

That said, the 0.6.x MineOS wasn’t built with any real good localization/internationalization in mind, so pretty much the translation of these two pages are the extent of which we can do:

index page
login page

Whether your want to make a fork/pull request on GIT (if you’re familiar with it) or just download the files and email it to me, is up to you. I’d be thrilled to have your help here.

As far as the wiki, I’m not sure I can necessarily warrant that much translation, as the wiki is large and evergrowing, and there may be much that doesn’t translate… I wouldn’t want you to sink a lot of time into that, where it might get too little attention to feel rewarding. And as far as a tutorial video–I’ve always encouraged videos of MineOS and how to use–if you feel it would be helpful, I’d be pleased to see it get exposure and attention!


Great! I am proud to be useful for you because I really like your project :slight_smile: And since I do not have the opportunity to make donations, I prefer to help.

I’ll try to fork MineOS on my Github for translate the two pages you specified. I agree with what you said about the Wiki. And I’ll also try to make some videos on MineOS in French of course on my YouTube Channel.

You can see the translations I started here:

I finished translating the login_fr.html file and I have quite progress the index_fr.html file.

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And this is the first video! This is an introduction to MineOS where I explain the principle.

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I see a more recent commit to the French translations! Where do you feel you are at in terms of completion?

Also, having no idea what anything is in French, I have no idea what your video is saying! Considering the video is showing the main page though (and your brief description in the above post), I decided to put it on the footer of all pages on If you feel there’s a more appropriate way to expose it and/or describe it, please do let me know!

Yes I am working on the translation slowly because I do not have all the time unfortunately :-/
But I hope to finish this weekend :slight_smile:
And basically in the video, I explain the principle of MineOS to incite the people to try MineOS, especially because it is useless to install something when we do not know exactly what is it for. So I plan to do next an installation video and other videos to explain in more detail the functioning of MineOS.
Oh and for the link to the video, for the moment it is not bad but when I’ve posted more videos, I think it would be better to place them in the menu, alongside your current videos?

I’m almost finished index_fr.html…

Edit : First complete translation!
Obviously, I do not think the translation is perfect now, I await your opinion :slight_smile:

Haha I’ll pretty much have to take your word for it, as I don’t speak any words of any other languages.

That said, if you haven’t already, you might also pull in the most recent commit so you can translate the new stop and backup command

Done !
But when I say I await your opinion, I mean the French users :slight_smile:
There is a way for me to test myself my translation?

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I [pulled your translations][1] into the main hexparrot/mineos master branch. I noticed a few tags that got [inadvertently deleted][2] and were left unclosed, as it caused some UI problems (many operations failed to work as a result).

It was a easy fix for an honest oversight, and all appears to be working well now. As far as using these translations, the most simple way (and prescribed way) is to edit /etc/mineos.conf:

root@core ~# cat /etc/mineos.conf
misc.localization = "fr"

Then refresh the webui (if it’s already open).

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Sorry for the tags ^_^’
And I will test it as soon as possible.

Well I’ve tested my translation and I admit that it makes pretty good :slight_smile:
If I ever want to make changes, how can I do?

Basically, you want to update your fork for the most recent commits, then make your updates and submit a pull request:

  1. Update your fork.
  2. make your new commits
  3. Make a pull request (from your github’s mineos page)

Or, if you just do the first two and let me know, I can initiate the pull request, just as I did for your current files.

I almost never use Github to manage projects x)
I have to download the Windows software Github to sync my repo?

Nope, all actions from the windows app are available from github the website. In fact, all the functions available in the website are also available via command line. That said, on your github project page, there’s this:

Oh, and as a side note–you had already forked the MineOS project; you didn’t need to rename it to MineOS-FR, though you can if you wanted to (but keeping them the same name has organizational value)

Finally I re-fork MineOS to make cleaner and I installed Github, it will allow me to learn more about Github :wink:
Yes do not worry about the name change, it’s just to clarify :slight_smile:
And I was able to update my fork through the commands quite easily.

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After I learned to use github, I can’t imagine doing work without it. Making commits and describing what you’re doing has made me a much more focused programmer–and much more aware of what it’s like when other people read your code!

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Yes, it’s true :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I’ll do my best to continue to maintain my translations.