Forge 1.9; can't load a mod under /mods

So that being said, Dynmap requires Java 8 to function, but does not support 1.9 as they said.[quote=“JayMontana36, post:5, topic:1146”]
some bukkit plugins made for older versions of MC will still work on newer/recent versions of MC, meanwhile a mod made for MC 1.5.1 will NOT work for MC 1.5.2 and vice versa, and with the changes made from 1.8 to 1.9 there is no chance of the mod working, but I do get where you’re coming from with the mod just being a simple live server map mod, not affecting players at all

I really don’t get why something like Dynmap wouldn’t work between MC versions, unless it’s because of changed hit indicators, health and armor management, new renderers, items/gameplay, etc but it’s probably not that either, but it’s up to the Devs to figure it out/fix it. Currently there is no way to get Bukkit plugins running alongside Forge mods for 1.8.x or 1.9 like there is for 1.7.10 so you’re out of luck with that for now, we’ll all just have to wait.

Glad to have been of assistance!