Feed the Beast Profile list empty

Clicking the drop-down list for Feed the Beast Profiles shows nothing. I already have 3 profiles downloaded and one running but even if I check downloaded only the list is still empty. I’ve updated the WebUI and restarted the OS. Using git commit: 1190870. No errors in my mineos.log

hi JHawkeye,

i can confirm both my FeedTheBeast and FTB 3rd Party profile lists w/ mc commit 1190870 are fully populated.

meaning whatever the issue is, it is local (on your WebUI).

i will state the obvious and ask you click on “Refresh Profile List” in the mc drop down box, upper right corner of mc WebUI.

if that fails to populate your list, please re-install/reset the WebUI https://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=Updating_the_Webui

i do not know if after you do that, it will show correctly the “downloaded only” list but you should get the rest of them back. (you should know what you have d/led anyway, lol).

i’ve no other ideas except save archives, re-install mc, re-load archives. that should NOT be your only solution.

please check back here soon for the better answer.

good luck!