(Feature Request)

Would it be possible to add a customizable or a more clean looking UI in the future? I feel like that would be a crucial step into making MineOS more User friendly and mainstream.

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If somebody is capable of designing the UI, it can be used, sure.

I’m not that capable though, so what we have in the webui now was the best I could do back in 2015.

@hexparrot Which is still fine! What would it take to design a new UI, any kind of software that must be used or can it just be made with simple ICOs or PNGs?

If somebody knew how to make an SPA (single-page application) user interface, they could do so without any actual functionality (just the layout and styling).

From there, (presumably it would be me) the interface would just be enhanced with various HTML element attributes that make it a realtime UI.

For example, I used Angular.js to build the webui. In the newly designed UI, I would find the button that is meant to “create a server” and add the corresponding attribute:

<button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" ng-click="create_server()" translate="CREATE_NEW_SERVER"></button>

Where values are supposed to be dynamic, I’d make changes like this (which is localization-aware):

<title translate="WEBSITE_TITLE"></title>

Likewise, for downloading profiles, or setting up cronjobs or deleting archives. All of them are basically javascript triggers that tell the backend to do something.

Long story short: it’s the design that is difficult, not the functionality. I don’t have an eye for design so there’s a lot about the webui that feels outmoded, and simply putting in more time isn’t the solution.

Functionality though, is a problem I can solve. So, if anybody is able to create a clean looking UI with placeholder text like:

“server 1 name would be here”
“server 2 name would be here”

I can look at the HTML elements and replace it with the appropriate, dynamic text.

@hexparrot Ok, thank you so much!

I can do HTML, I’m fairly sure that is what MineOS uses but I may need to take another look and I know my around a bit of CSS etc and I can learn php aswell but I suck at art, are you good at art? lol

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