Feature Request Who is On

I have feature request which I do not see has been requested. In the Web-UI it will tell how many folks are logged but not who is logged in. A drop down maybe User Count that lists who is logged into the server at the time would be great.

User listing is not enabled by default in most server jars. The official Minecraft server jar, and many others, enabled this through the property enable-query=true.

If you restart (or start) the server with this on, you’ll see the new Player Interactions tab.

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Thank you for you response over here as well. I did enable the query to true thinking it was going to help me get my console access back but I noticed the player interaction tab thinking it was my console window so that is pretty cool the only thing is it does not list the player name just a #.

So with Player Interaction turned on this is what I get

There is no name of the player am I missing an extra command to convert that into a name ?

Okay so apparently after a restart of my main server ( FreeNAS) this issue is now fixed as well. I can see the player name not just the #. I am sorry I took up your time. You can close this ticket.