Feature Request: Public who is logged on page

ok - a big ask here, I know this could be done by installing a separate web server and adapting some php code others have done, but there might be an easier way.

What I am looking for is a public web page showing the online/offline status of the servers and listing who is logged on … maybe even the last time everyone else logged on?

Could that be done with mineos? … is there any scope for adding custom web pages to the http server that is part of the service?

So you should be able to do it armed with this information:

  1. any files in /html (e.g., status.html) are automatically hosted; you wont need to start up a separate web server to do this.
  2. you can create a public, non-password protected status page then accessible at /admin/status.html
  3. creating a simple HTML/JS page, you can access the information of online servers/offline servers and to some extent, online players, using the /admin/command api
  4. combined with /admin/command, you can even choose to send commands to the server (e.g., start, stop, backup).

I apologize that it is definitely not well documented–not even close…but if you want to learn more about it, take a look at the source I link up above (and mineos.js for examples of all the commands you can execute) and I can try guiding you through it right now.

I’ll see if I can come up with some sort of minimal proof-on-concept soon, for your benefit.

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I would also be interested in doing this. Some documentation of this would be great!