Feature Request: Mod/Plugin Profile List

I don’t know if this has been discussed before. Would it be feasible to include a CLI/Web UI for server mods/plugins similar to profiles? I have not investigated the profile database though I envision some form of CSV/JSON/XML format that could make it easily updatable. I am sure that such updates could also be undertaken by interested parties…

Any thoughts? I could probably whip up some CLI scripts and do any node.js tie-ins if needed.

I do like automation where it makes sense. :slight_smile:

After a little light reading, I came across mod APIs that could be used such as ( http://wiki.bukkit.org/ServerMods_API ). of course this was just a bit of a search and I don’t know if there is a universal resource out there with some RSS feed or whatever… Anyone with more knowledge out there? :slight_smile:

So, I’d say it’s unlikely that this sort of thing will make it into mineos-node (unless somebody is willing to learn much of the code base and put in the extensive effort), but it is a possibility for mineos-ruby, which is the project now that actually is getting my development attentions.

mineos-node is pretty finalized. I’m committed to updating now and for years to come to make sure it continues to work with new profiles and protocol changes, but it’s almost assuredly in a feature-freeze, otherwise.

The design goals of each iteration always gets more ambitious and profiles was a real wondrous rewrite in node, and now games mods can certainly be in the crosshairs for automating and easy updating.

TL;DR yeah, I think that this is a definite possibility.

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One Suggestion that I could make is to use Curse Forge’s system to auto / manually download mods that have changed versions. This would make hosting a mod pack from Curse so much easier, especially for those (myself included) who are modpack crafters. I really hope this becomes a thing!

From the way I understand it, curse spits out a .json file to determine what mods to download. I haven’t done any research on this myself, but I figured this detail would be more than welcome for your own research.