False reporting

hi there,
I’m having a little problem with my web ui (there more of an annoyance but i would like to fix them)
I am running turnkey mine os.
web ui version is 4f29f75
and it is running on a physical system in my network.

  1. my memory available isn’t reporting the right amount of memory available in the host status area.
  2. my web ui dose not load right it tells me im in root usage then after a while it corrects itself.
  3. and server log doesn’t want to update itself unless i hit the reverse button a couple of times.

i know this might seem trivial but if anyone could suggest a good way of repairing this without re-installing everything that would be helpful…

  1. Free memory estimation is a tricky thing, I think MineOS uses another logic than your ‘right’ program (what is it, BTW?) So the difference will be there anyways.
  2. Just give it time to load all HTML page, maybe you got slow network or client/browser? I also see this issue, but for a second or two, and it doesn’t bother me.
  3. This is intended behavior. Server log does not auto update in current version to save performance. Just hit ‘Console’ button again to update it… and give it some time, especially if your latest.log/server.log is big.

well as far as the ram issue i was comparing that from the amount it reports on the web ui against the web admin page with root access on the resource tab on the right side of the page…
the web ui is showing like 77 megs free when its more like 780 megs free according to the web admin page under usage ,

Did you notice ‘refresh’ link on the right resource panel of WebMin? Maybe you did not update RAM usage on WebMin before comparing, so it was showing outdated values?
Try also free -m command to check memory, or any other one.

This is from August 26, 2014. While it may not necessarily fix these issues you have listed, is there any reason you haven’t updated your webui?

As far as all the values for memory and HDD usage, the web-ui provides a naive estimation of the state of your server. It is by no means authoritative (as even partitioning your /var directory would throw it off), but it is helpful to see whether you’re about to run out of either HDD or ram.

In short, use it as a first-alert. If something seems wrong, sue the right tools in command line to figure it out for good, e.g., df and top.

thankyou for the advise i did an update to the web ui ef3b205 and it fixed all the problems .
my web ui is zippy again.