External Webui Problems

Hello guys, I’ve finally got my mc server running smoothly, at my parents shop wifi. I went home, and me and my friends have been playing for awhile. I went to op myself, and realized that I wouldn’t be able to connect to the ui from the 192.168 because that was a local connection from the other wifi. I tried anyway, as well as tried the global ip but I couldn’t raise it. I’ve seen the guide, but it wasn’t very well explained what ip i needed. I also see people talking about port 8080, do I need to make sure this port is forwarded?

Yes, at your parents workshop, and at their router, you need to port forward that port so that you can access itt externally from other networks

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Also, when I go to connect from my router at home, I would use the global ip right? like


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Well, I forwarded the port, and tried to connect to the global address on both my phone and my laptop. (I used the shop internet for the laptop, and mobile data for my phone to simulate logging on from a different connection). This didn’t work. I would like to mention that when I connect using the local ip, it uses port 8443. ex:

Then that is the port you need to forward. You also need to use https in the front of the url.


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Success, it went through now, thank you! Just curios, do you know anything about transferring files to mineos using sftp? I can connect to the server, but it’s not showing me files from the minecraft server, just the .profile.d and the .bash

Filezilla (https://filezilla-project.org/) is easier to use, and has a graphical User interface.

what you see is the contents of the mc user directory (/home/mc/ ) to get to the minecraft server area you hve to move to that direcorty.

Use Filezilla instead, easier :wink:

I do use firezilla, But when i connect to the server from my laptop, there are only two folders, and a bunch of .bash files. The folders don’t contain subfolders just more .anchor and .bash files. Do I need to set up the root login to access these files?

Take a look at the Filwzilla Tutorial:

In the top window on the server side it should be possible to change to higher order directories…

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Thank you so much for your help! You went much more in-depth than the guides. I’m moving from a hosting service to a dedicated, and I haven’t used linux in years. Thanks again!

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