Exporting The World/Server

So I have many Servers that I play with my friends and I want to move them to my desktop. I have no idea how and would like some help. Also, I am a noob at Linux and a step-by-step would be nice. Thanks!

Well, you can create an archive from within the web ui followed by browsing to the directory it is stored in and copying them off/out. You also can simply just copy the raw server contents directly without making an archive. MineOS stores Minecraft Server stuff in /var/games/minecraft. (We’d need to know more about your specific setup/configuration/environment for a more step by step guide, however there are plenty of generalized step by step guides as well as ones specific for other’s that you can use as/for reference.

Thank you so much, I was able to figure it out!

Ok So how did you do it?! I mean I am glad you figured it out but I have not yet would you mind enlightening me pleas?
I am running a mineos server and I I want to be able to export the server so I can spin it up some where else or share it with others that may just be running a java server.
Is that even possible


What have you tried? Where are you hung up?

The previous post explained it pretty fully how it’s to be done:

Actually I have a MineOS runing on a HyperV server the server name is LAN and I want to import it to a “Relms” server because my server is getting pretty busy and it can not handle it. So I loaded Up File Zilla and poiinted it at my mineOS server. based on everything I have read I need the entire “World” folder.
Which is 1.25 GB I have l;ocated it in the /var/games/minecraft/servers/LAN folder.
Does that sound right?


The ‘world’ folder has the raw data files for only the world, but misses all the player data and entity data.

Creating an archive from the webui is the preferred way. Then, as the status page shows, you can take one file off the server, in /var/games/minecraft/archives/ which has all of it.

Looks like a great discussion here but I would like a little more information if possible. My webui is broken at best, half the time it wont even show the server and if it does it shows as offline for a long period of time even when it is clearly up. Its been very difficult to make archives/backups. My server is also over 14GB.

That said, I see where to find the information I need on the server console thank you, however what I would like to know is how to save or make a copy of my server to a flash drive or another PC from the console. Also from the webui would be useful for others that do not have a broken webui.

Thanks much in advance!