EvolveHQ with MineOS. Possibility?

Title says it all.
I’m no tech guy, and portforwarding is a no-no here.

I’ve been using EvolveHQ to connect to my friends server (regular mincraft_server.jar on windows)
I recently dust off an old laptop with 4gb RAM and an AMD cpu, so it’s now running MineOS.

I wanted to play modded minecraft thats why I did it.
My friend wants to play with me too, and I have no idea how to accomplish this.

I was thinking what if I had an ethernet cable connected from my main pc (which will have evolveHQ on) and the other end connected to the MineOS laptop.
Am I crazy?
Is there some way to achieve this?

MineOS is a front-end, to make it easier for admins to run Minecraft without having to learn every single command for tasks like running the server, backing up, and archiving.

EvolveHQ allows you to connect to servers that have the EvolveHQ client, which is not currently supported on Linux. So, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about making these work together.

It’s probably possible to run MineOS in a virtual Machine running on your laptop which runs Windows and has the EvolveHQ client…but as you might guess, this overly complicated set-up is overly complicated…and counter productive.

It’s a shame you can’t port-forward, because that is unquestionably the easiest (and safest) approach, but … well, if you can’t you can’t.

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I figured this was the outcome.
Thanks anyway.

Just to clarify, I’d rather not portforward because of how ignorant I am to the tech world.
I hear it can be pretty dangerous too.
However, my MineOS displays the web ui and a minecraft ip.
Is that the ip I use to get in?
Can my other friends join as well? Did it auto portforward for me?

MineOS do not auto port forward. You have to do that yourself.

Port forwarding is not dangerous if you do it on a port-by-port basis. It is if you go the DMZ-way and port forward everything.

You need to set up one port, the minecraft port, to allow your friends to connect. They will then be able to connect using your public IP, not the local IP you use to manage MineOS.

You can read how to port forward here: https://portforward.com/
They most likely also have a tut for portforwarding on the router you use :slight_smile:

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