Every time must use EULA start button to start server

This just started happening - I have a restart chron but when I look at the logs they just show that it stops - it never restarts if I press the green start button it starts then immediately stops. I check and the eula.txt file is there and correct. but I have to then press accept eula and then start.
could my permissions be off somehow? I have not messed with anything and it is out of the box except for adding mumble server and opening the port

1: Have you tried Updating the Web UI?
2: What do the MineOS Web UI logs (located in /var/log/mineos.log) say? (Upload the log to a site such as pastebin.com and then link to it here).

Thanks the Web UI reset seems to have been the issue. After the update I had the problem and then after reset it stays up. Thanks for the fast advice.