/etc/ssh/sshd_config Permission Denied

I’ve done all the research I can. I’ve installed PuTTY, I’ve logged in as root, I’ve rebooted, I’ve enabled the Webmin for seemingly no reason. IT DOESN’T WORK. I don’t know why. Perhaps I’m a massive idiot, but please, I’d like some help.

Are you trying to start a server or are you trying to access the sshd_config file?
If you are trying to reach the sshd_config file have you tried logging in as non root user? I can access the file perfectly fine while using the mc account I created with the setting up of the mineos ISO.

I’m just trying to access the sshd_config file to import modded server .jar files. I’ve already tried to access it from the mc account multiple times, and it doesn’t work.

Thats weird, do you have filezilla installed? Could you connect to your server and then go the file attributes/permissions on the file and look what the permissions are for the file. Also you could import modded server .jar files by putting them in the profiles directory at /var/games/minecraft/profiles
Make sure to create a dir with the appropiate name to put the server jar in. Also have you just installed the VM or have you been running it for a while now?

Figured it out, I am a massive idiot. Used WinSCP to get the files on, and after some basic troubleshooting it works fine. Thanks for your help.