Error: Server Failed to start 1


So recently I installed MineOS onto my dedicated machine, I haven’t touched any of the permissions etc.
I downloaded Bungee-1123.jar and then tried to boot my server up. It has the following java settings:

Memory Allocation (Heapsize)
-Xmx 512 MB
-Xms 512 MB
Additional Java arguments:
Additional Jar arguments:

When I boot the server up it doesn’t load and gives me this error:

Unsure what is going on there. I also clicked the “Copy profile to live server files” see if that would fix anything at all, but it never did. Is it a permission error to do with the files? If so please tell me what I should do (Along with the commands please).


Can you provide any additional information?

I’m assuming you installed the MineOS Turnkey Iso, but do you have anything else you can tell us? Are you logging in with the mc user? Do any other profiles work? Does /var/log/mineos.log report anything?

I just tried starting a server – same build, no issues.