Error in stop script

for starters I have wrote simple script to stop server, I named file It runs, and kicks back an error, “Error: Only in-game players can use top.”

#!/usr/bin/env python2.7

USER = ‘mc’
server minecraft stop

That’s an error you get?

I cannot imagine how, considering that script does not feel complete. If those lines are indeed being run from a python2.7 interpreter, ‘server minecraft stop’ shouldn’t be able to know about Minecraft at all–that’s just a syntax error.

In addition, none of the scripts I’ve ever written ever have those words “only in-game players can use [s]top”–it appears you might be summarizing but omitting a few parts. Can you provide a complete example of what you’ve tried, with full source code and the actual error output?

Maybe I left something out, In WebUI I run the script and I get that error

Alright, what I mean to say is that your script shouldn’t run at all.

  • The first line of your script is !/ (which is an improper hashbang,
  • The last line of your script is something that would execute in a
    BASH interpreter
    , which is not the interpreter you’re intending to
    use (python).
  • And lastly, the web-ui doesn’t run any external scripts, bash or

So, this script doesn’t really have a chance of addressing what you’re trying to do, for multiple reasons. I also can’t think of any way in which the web-ui would produce that error, so you’ll need to do 2 things here:

  1. provide some insight on what you’re trying to accomplish
  2. provide actual copy/pasted errors or screenshots that demonstrate how this error is even coming up.


provide all the materials/instructions I’d need on my own virtual machine to simulate the exact error you’re getting.