Error creating new server on 1.8 - latest webui version

Missing value in command_start: {‘java_debug’: ‘’, ‘jar_args’: ‘’,
‘java’: ‘/usr/bin/java’, ‘screen_name’: ‘mc-TheSurvivalWorld’,
‘java_xmx’: ‘2056’, ‘jar_file’:
‘screen’: None, ‘java_xms’: 2056, ‘java_tweaks’: ‘’}

I don’t know what’s missing.

figured it out, looks like I somehow missed installing screen.

Ok, so the problem exists in the webui not the /etc/init.d/minecraft file. I manually started, using it, and comes up fine.

If you receive that error in the webui, you’d likely also receive it using For screen to report “none” means that screen couldn’t be found in the $PATH variable.

After installing screen, it might not immediately solve the problem depending on your system, if hash is not run (either manually or automatically). Hash basically looks at directories (in this case, /usr/bin) and hashes the file contents quickly so it knows if any files are added/removed.

If it’s not run automatically, it’s typically solved with a reboot, then you should be able to operate all functions normally from the web-ui/scripts.

yeah, it’s working after a reboot.