Error after updating java

after removing and updating java i have found that trying to launch my server in the webui does not work any more error code:
“Missing value in command_start: {‘java_debug’: ‘’, ‘jar_args’: ‘’, ‘java’: None, ‘screen_name’: ‘mc-Lorecraft’, ‘java_xmx’: ‘768’, ‘jar_file’: ‘/var/games/minecraft/servers/Lorecraft/server.jar’, ‘screen’: ‘/usr/bin/screen’, ‘java_xms’: ‘768’’}”

is it just as easy as confining a file in /etc because i don’t know where to look

That error indicates mineos can’t find Java in your PATH variable. Check that you can call Java simply by its file name from the command prompt, without having to provide they full, absolute path.

thanks for the help i kinda thought it was that but i opted to do a reinstall with every thing backed up on a backup partition