Error 1020 when download latest Spigot BuildTools

When trying to download the latest buildtools through mineos it seems to work, but then when using the buildtools to build spigot 1.16.1 it throws an undefined error notification in Mineos. After digging into the issues bit, I found that the buildtools.jar file that mineos downloads is only 4KB and is actually a text file that just says: Error 1020. If you look this up its the error for a firewall denial, typically through cloudflare. My guess is that spigot changed something about the way the buildtools jar is downloaded that mineos is not yet accounting for. Im running the latest MineOS docker image at the moment.

I think I’ve heard about this recently. Good detective work. Were you able to find the real URL that should be downloaded from? Perhaps I need to update it from the source?

To make this even more interesting is I just created a 1.16.1 Spigot server and didn’t have any issues at all.

I was able to download the buildtools manually from the Spigot Jenkins site and then built Spigot 1.16.1 from the terminal, MC server works fine now it seems (aside from some unrelated network issues Im dealing with). I think the Jenkins download URL for the buildtools changed somehow, but im not sure how:

Those internet issues might have been the problem. I’m just wondering if you’re having the same issue when creating the server completely in the Webui…

I was experiencing the same issues. Had a 1.15.2 spigot server up and running just fine. Tried to create a 1.16.1 server in the webui and build tools was throwing the undefined error notifications. Used the console to download BuildTools.jar manually and then went back to the webui to build spigot 1.16.1 and everything seems to be working now.

Heyo everyone!

I have got an (temporary) fix for this!
For now to fix this you will need a program like FileZilla.
You will need to download the latest buildtools from the spigot site itself.
If you have those you need to login on the root account(or an account that can access everything at the profiles) on FileZilla.
You will need to go to “/var/games/minecraft/profiles/BuildTools-latest” on the server and then delete the files in that folder (should only be the corrupt BuildTools.jar)
Then you want to upload the new file you downloaded from the spigot website to that same directory.
Now you just have to wait a bit for the web console to update.
If it has updated you should be able to just build the new 1.16.1 binaries! (or from any other version)

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That sounds plausible, as my buildtools is a few weeks old. The jar file may have been updated since then. I’ll have to test myself.

Likewise when I looked at the jar file I saw the Error 1020 which brought me here which was good as it enabled me to find the url for the file. I just ssh with putty to the server, cd /var/games/minecraft/profiles/BuildTools-latest/ and then wget I also had to delete /var/games/minecraft/profiles/spigot_1.16.1 before I could build. I assume the URL has changed. Where to update it MineOS? At least there is a workaround.