Enough ram or not

hello, i have a lattepanda with 4GB or ram and 8 cores.
and i am running mineOS on virtual box.
but will 3.2GB of ram be enough for a vanilla server or even a modded server?

let me know the minimal requirements for a server.

That depends on the number of simultaneous online users, and the size of the world. You can run it really low, but once the world grows you may get lag. I’ve read that the latest versions of the vanilla server likes it best at 2Gb and above.

I’d set it at 2 or 2.5 Gb memory, leaving some for various system tasks if I only had 4Gb total mem available. This is if you only run one server.

I’d say that you have space for a total of 3Gb worth of server memory. So if you run three servers you could have 1 Gb for each (1+1+1= 3GB total). Java tend to behave unpredictably when it tries to use memory it is promised that it do not really have.


Thx A lot for that useful information