Enigmatica 2 Expert- I managed to get installed

I managed to correctly install Enigmatica 2 Expert a few weeks ago on Turnkey MineOS. Yeah, this was a bit of a learning curve but a fun personal challenge.

It runs fine though I’d like to have it more integrated into MineOS so that it for example correctly starts and stops the Server via the GUI

To manually start it, I have to do launch it from Putty via mc@ with the below command.


Is there a way to issue start and stop commands specified from the GUI like the one above? If so could someone please offer an example?


Well typically simply copying/importing the settings/configurations from bat/batch or sh/bash files manually into the web ui works and is what people do, should be pretty straight forward; first thing though is if you don’t know how you should provide/post the contents of the file, but it should be mostly self explanatory being that it all pretty much typically just goes into one little section (Java Settings).

This sh/bash file is pretty long. I have copied it up to hastebin for reference.


So are you suggesting that part of this go into the WebGUI?

The setting.cfg file seems to contain much of the Java setting you mentioned.


Thanks for your response, I am not sure where to go from here but you’ve got me thinking about it more.


The majority of this really does not seem to be of any importance whatsoever, there are a few additional extra Java arguments (args) which are optional but could help performance-wise supposedly, simply selecting and running the forge server jar from the web ui should work and integrate it. If you want the extra Java arguments from the scripts then from the second link (ending with ini) has all the arguments right there being the easiest to just find/locate and copy and paste into the web ui. Everything else about the scripts are pretty much just extra I guess/suppose to help people get everything up and running faster with less of a chance of doing anything wrong (well more like making mistakes) although the whole process is pretty easy simple and straightforward.