Email or SMS Alerts

Just curious if there is anyway to setup email or SMS alerts on MineOS.

For obvious reasons it would be nice to know if the system was powering off. (Server updates, Windows Restarts etc etc etc…) I’m sure the list goes on.

Has anyone else done this, or considered it?

Most users of MineOS will not have tried this, though it is not outside the realm of possibility. For starters, most MineOS users home-host, and as a result, typically cannot relay mail due to restrictions of their Internet Service Provider. ISPs often block email relay because a) it curbs spam and b) they want you to pay for business-grade hosting to have servers, such as an email server which would be required to do this.

There are services out there that have APIs that allow you to reach out to them and have them send out emails on your behalf (which is pretty much like how gmail, etc. works), but then you’re running into concern #2: what and how would it be reported to that API?

Here’s an example of a service that provides SMS relaying.

My biggest concern, as the developer of MineOS, is that barely anybody will ever use this functionality. Sure, giving people that functionality isn’t something somebody would turn down but setting it up is one thing, integrating it with MineOS is another, and finding ways in which it would be useful is another.

For example, it wouldn’t be worth it (to me) to develop the functionality to SMS an admin to ‘update their distro’ or that their host is restarting. Worse, the functionality that would be useful, such as ‘your server is down’ would require such drastic changes to the codebase that it would almost literally be better to start a whole new MineOS project not using async (see “mineos-node”).

In short, email or SMS alerts is a funcitonality the current web-ui cannot offer, but if you’re interested in email alerts/sms for other areas not involving the web-ui, there might be other Linux projects already created for this purpose; if you find one in particular, I’d be happy to help you figure it out.

On MIneOS, the base operating system is Debian.

Which with a setup like this. [Email Alerts Using gmail][1]

The server would simply send out an email alert if specific services stopped. Which would be awesome to know about.

Running a server for family and young kids who want to constantly be able to play, knowing or not having to constantly check on the server would be great.

Which the above smtp alerts would simply need to be configured for the specific services for MineOS.

Here is a tool designed to specifically monitor said services or system performance. MonIT

And here is the configuration to use GMAIL as the mail server to send the alerts. Use Gmail to send alerts

I think I’ll play around this tonight and see how it performs. Do you know off hand a list of the services used specifically for MineOS that I can test with?