DW20 1.5.2 World Leaks

I have a ton of these messages in the console for my DW20:

2015-02-15 07:27:40 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] The world 44555c1b (world) may have leaked: seen 11295 times

The complaint I’m getting from the players is that the game is slow to the point of being unplayable. I haven’t heard of any crashes though.
There’s a proposed fix for Mac and Windows for actual leaks, not may haves, on the FTB forums, but I didn’t find anything Linux specific that I understood (I’m almost completely ignorant when it comes to servers).
Another suggested fix I found was to add -XX:MaxPermSize=256m to the start script (I’m guessing that’s ServerStart.sh in the server directory) but I’m not sure what that does. Right now there is a -XX:PermSize=128m but no maxpermsize.

I’m running MineOS Turnkey, Java version: 1.7.0_75.

General info question: ServerStart.sh has the line -Xms512M -Xmx1G. Is this the heap and if so would setting different values in the server.config section of the MineOS webui cause a conflict?


On my server I have XMX and XMS set to the identical amount. (Granted I have 7GB worth allocated).

Generally you want these to be uniform.

Xms is the initial HEAP memory allocation, and Xmx is the maximum allowed or allocated.

I cannot speak to whether this could solve a leak issue–leak issues are usually either a) Java bugs or b) Jar-specific bugs, with all likelihood it is the latter.

Changing the amount of space certain objects have available in the VM seems an unlikely fix for what is essentially programmer error.

All the same, to apply changes to Java startup commands, simply add your arguments to the server.config page, under java_tweaks and start up your server.

One chunkloader was dropped in each world and now the amount of messages has dropped but I still have one persistent:

2015-02-16 06:57:19 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] The world 1426bb4 (world) may have leaked: seen 150 times

Does anyone know how to figure out what world 1426bb4 is?

From what I’ve read it is sloppy coding by the mod creators. What I don’t understand is why include those mods in the modpack?

I don’t have java_tweaks as an option in the server.config page. I was going to add it with the new property button but wasn’t sure as to what goes in each box. I was thinking this:

Is that the right syntax?

If the chunkloaders (whatever that is) works I won’t be adding java tweaks.

java_tweaks should exist, as it is made by default when the MineOS config “server.config” file is created. The only reason it should ever be absent is if it was manually removed…but even if it was deleted, recreate java_tweaks. The web-ui will not arbitrarily put values from server.config into the startup line; all other java tweaks are meant to be put into this specific field.

java_tweaks isn’t there. I never went into server.config (through the command line) for anything during the setup. What is the syntax so I can put it back with the command line?

Just fill in the boxes manually with “java” and “java_tweaks”.

Otherwise, just edit the file and follow the existing format.

[quote=“hexparrot, post:5, topic:372”]
java_tweaks should exist, as it is made by default when the MineOS config “server.config” file is created.
[/quote] FYI: I created a new server with a new profile (DW20 1.6.4 this time) to see if the leaks were just in the one version (they’re still showing up) and there is no java_tweaks section on the server.config page.

The suggested java tweaks didn’t work anyway.