Downloaded .jar files are not being extracted to live server directory

Nice new look to MineOs!! It has been simplified and runs the “built in’s” nicely. You are are on a good path here to quickly get a server up and running. However, when I build a Forge 1.7.10 or a 1.6.4 Tekkit Server for example, the downloaded and copied server files do not function. I do see the runnable .jar files in both cases, but the new nodeJS version seems to have a hangup somewhere. I have reinstalled, rebooted, started and stopped from the command line etc. Problem persists. My kids are into the Modded stuff right now. Most of the available servers are offline with my changeover. I have the Python based version on another machine running the same jar files. No hiccups there. Thoughts? Thanks for your time.


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Are you able to confirm that the files you have uploaded–work?

The Forge 1.7.10 v 1448 (recommended) are working on a Linux machine (Crunchbang ++) with Python based MineOs on port 8080 if that helps. On the file/media server where I now have my problem, I used ‘wget’ to download the files directly from the Minecraftforge site. Permissions were verified. I have previously gotten the Forge files at this site though I have commonly used the “custom profiles” tab in the the MineOs webui to build the directory by inserting each one into the download url box. Either way, I simply download the Forge installer file, and the necessary files are copied into the server directory. Using --installServer in the Java Arguments should build file a few files. From there I download the universal.jar file which is the runnable jar to point the server at to run it. Nothing is installing. I have looked into the directory…just the two jar files and the installer log. Seems like it does not have a pointer to the Java location when I invoke the jar files that are shown in the new webui upon download or copying. The profiles you included seem to work just fine. One other thing I noticed, at the terminal; custom servers do not seem to create anything in the profiles directory as well. Not that is is necessarily needed, but I am not sure that was your intention. Your included downloads all seem to do this. You have a good one and thanks helping me out.

Are you putting them in as java arguments or jar arguments? It should be jar.

What does the installer log say?

Sorry about the delay in replying. I have been very busy and have not had the chance to respond. I will have to put together a new server and review the log. I cannot remember, but the files were not being built. My arguments are correct. Same thing I use in the Python based release. One thing I have should have mentioned…this is the MineOs Freenas Plugin which has worked like a charm until now. Never had a problem until this update came thru. It has been installed and uninstalled several times. I even added a second instance of it, same problem. Hard for me to pick out where the problem is…no problems with the Python edition at all on both this FreeNas server or the Linux PC it also resides on , so I am not sure whether this is a MineOs issue or the jail setup it happens to be running in. I have a PC running MineOs on Crunchbang ++ and works like a champ so I am a little mystified what changed here. Thanks for the assistance.