Download MineOs

I have been trying for several days to install MineOS. The problem is that I’m a bit lost. Which ISO to install? Should I install another operating system first? I installed Ubuntu, but it didn’t work. I downloaded different ISOs of MineOS, but it didn’t help. The last try sent me to a grub error. If someone can walk me through the process step by step that would be great.

i would recommend not installing another distro and using turnkey version of MineOS at least until you are more familiar then later on you can be more definitive on how you want to install MIneOS.
Side note the term turnkey is used for things that are ready to go as soon as you obtain them.

The grub error probably means you corrupted the bootloader somehow or it did not install properly.

This video is still relevant

Turnkey download

Also for reference Turnkey is also Debian based which means it is easy to learn because there is many guides for debain based distros

Also disregard the virtual box method he is using in the video it is irrelevant