Don't know my password or username on login page

I tried everything from typing my ip, root, hostname everything and nothing worked. For the password I’m using my vps password. I downloaded mineos from following this tutorial Turn Your Old PC Into a Minecraft Server for FREE with MineOS! - YouTube

Thank you.

You need to use the login information that you used when you made the Ubuntu server assuming that is the distro you used as per the guide he does mention that in the video.

it is stated on the wiki also although it is written in a way that is correct some people may not understand it if they are still grasping these sorts of concepts or are newer to linux in general.

When creating minecraft servers, you should use an unprivileged user to create and manage Minecraft servers. For most distros, this will be with the adduser username command. The password you set during user creation will also be the password used for the web-ui.

Never watch that video before but apparently i am in it too and one of the other users lol was kind of weird to see my name on the video.

So, as Ank has said it should be the password and username you created. If you’ve gone and got yourself the newest Ubuntu or something other than the TKL distro hexparrot created it will be using a yescrypt algorithm to hash your password. MineOs web ui doesn’t support that and you’ll need to change the system to use SHA512. There are posts on here about that.

Right forgot that is an issue even though its come up a few times recently. Looking back at the posts i may of underestimated the situation and as Elpress has said it could be because you might be using a recent distro.

I just use turnkey for mineos because i like how its built so i forget and i have not used any recent distros for anything else recently so i forget yescrypt is even a thing.