Dont know how to access world files

I recently made a server using MineOS and i have no clue how to get access to the world files. the Server is on a separate computer and the only OS on that computer is MineOS. id like to be able to add things like a Server Icon, and DataPacks.

You should use an FTP app , like Filezilla, and log in to the server’s address.
It can also be done with a console, but the graphical interface makes it a lot easier.

You’ll need to navigate to /var/games/minecraft/servers/world name

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Currently trying to set it up, where would i find the correct numbers to put into the host and port boxes?

and i believe that the user and password it the same to get into the UI where you make servers. correct?

looked through some other discussions and found it. I can't figure out the FTP password for mine OS

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