Does/Will MineOS ever support BDS? (Bedrock Dedicated Server)

Just wondering if MineOS supports the bedrock dedicated server and if not would it be able to be implemented?

There is a thread about that here: New alpha MCBE server software

As he Bedrock server has chosen to use compiled executables, and not java or php, MineOS will not be able to control, or get info from, Bedrock like it does with java or php versions. This means we will not be able to control the amount of memory dedicated to the server, or get running info on it. It also means that the current method of sending and recieving info ino and from the server most likely will not work witout major rework.

The operating system MineOS runs on top of (Turnkey for the Isos. or your chosen distro if you install manually) suports running compiled executables, as long as all dependencies are met. It will not show up in your server list however. Some work was one to see if one could make MineOS start the server, which would mean it shows up in our server list, but not much more.

The answer to if MineOS will ever support it is maybe. It depends on several major rewrites in MineOS, and if it will become posible to make it run without requiring a lot of manual configuration and installation of dependencies. What MineOS do no want to do is to a a profile or instalation method to users that do not work in an as simple way as possible. So it is possbile to do, but is most likely stlll a long way off.

Server download:
Server info:

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The mineos-ruby actually supports literally everything. PHP, Java, C++, golang…-based servers. Alllllll of em.

But mineos-ruby is a backend without a frontend, sooo

…is super-accurate.